Iceland week #1

A few weeks back, we went to Iceland. As we are both mad about photography and never know when to stop, there is always some work to do when we get home. But now I have found my favourites, and will publish during the coming week.
We stayed in Reykjavik, drove out on both very good roads, and places where you could drive without roads… Weather was of all sorts, and made the scenery very interesting, all the time. We went to Snæfellnes, Stykkisholmur and to the bottom of Hvalfjördur. We also went south to Reykjanesbær and Seltún, and re-visited the golden circle, Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss (gull means gold).

We had a great time. Living in Norway, I am used to nature, but Iceland is so very special. Driving for 10 minutes out from Reykjavik, you can go places where you are alone. Where it seems nobody has ever been before, and the mountains, plains, ocean and sky is like a theatre, where you are the only spectator.

I love it.

So, here goes; Geysir. The colour of the water is because of the sulpha.Bottom picture is just before it bursts! Quite cool 🙂
geysirgullfossthingvellir-131424 hvalfjordur_snefell_stykkisholmur-131412


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