From Home

I live on the countryside, at Høle, Sandnes, in Norway. We moved from the city some years ago, and never looked back. Just north from us is Stavanger, where I work, and we live by the fjord, not far from one of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions, the Pulpit rock. Last weekend, we had one of the countries biggest cycling events going right outside our doorstep, with all the big stars. Tour des Fjords  was a success. We had fun, and the weather was lovely, for once.

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Pulpit rock, photo from wikipedia.

Photo from wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “From Home

    • Guess you live somewhere flat 🙂 Just a little bit dangerous, if you go too near the edge and have a bad day… Most tourists get lost on the way down from the plateau, quite a long walk, and it takes couple of hours. But we usually find everyone 🙂 Sure you would do fine Joke! 🙂

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