Special: Oslo – Government quarters after the terror

I like Oslo. I visit quite often, both for pleasure and work. This day in 2011, everything changed, and the date will be remembered for my lifetime, and my children’s lifetime as well. We are a small country, and the loss of 77 people by the hand of a terrorist, hurt us.

We were in Oslo during the days of the court proceedings, and took a few photos, published earlier.

Last year, after all the government quarters were finally cleared out and secured, Statsbygg decided to open some of it to the public just for one day. We were there. It was a guided tour with loads of feelings. I was amazed of the impact the bomb had on the building, how the paint had curled on the walls. How the first couple of floors were very damaged, and the top floor was almost untouched. The 18 flights of stairs. The Picasso murals on the walls. Art and damages. Made me think of Guernica.

Here are some of my photos from this visit. Peace and love.

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What happens with the buildings are yet to be decided. Some proposals for rebuilding are in this movie from Statsbygg (in Norwegian):


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