Stavanger #1

Most of my life I have lived in Stavanger, Norway. About six years ago, we moved to the countryside, some 35 kilometres away from the city. I guess you have noticed we like it here;) If not, check “Where I Live“, for all the sunsets, the fjord, the nature, the sheep. I still work in Stavanger, right in the middle of the town. Usually I cycle to work, at least one way. It gives me time to think, and good excersize too. This is the route, 34,5 km.
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 13.25.54
Yesterday we went to Stavanger, mainly to get a look at an exciting photo exhibition called “Sea Change“. I brought my camera, and decided to be a tourist for a day. In a town I know so well.

It is so strange the way your view on things change, when you have to see it through a camera. I saw many things yesterday, that I normally never notice. Try it for yourself! 🙂

Anyway; here is the first photo I’d like to share.



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