Autumn colours

This time, the photos for the next week or so, are from where we live. The trees and the fjord we see every day. The woods that are our backyard. The nature that we have quite a lot of!  As we got out of our house today, a deer jumped away, we probably scared her.

The trees are turning yellow and orange, the blueberry leaves are red. So many colours.

This year, autumn has been mild and gentle. Usually, the beginning of October, is when we are getting fed up with eternal rain, and can’t wait for the days to get longer again around Christmas. But this year we have temperatures with two digits, quite a lot of sun, loads of insects still and coffee on the terrace. If it wasn’t for the colours changing, I could imagine it was still summer.

Høle, is here.

The trees, the fjord, the colours.

Hope you enjoy:)


The fjord, Høgsfjorden. Right now it is full of mackerels. Sometimes in summer, when there is no wind, we can hear wild salmon jumping.

The church.

The church. A stone throw from our house. 


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