Some things in black and white #1

I love to look at photos in b/w. Some of the blogs I follow shows real artists at work. Sometimes it looks just”old fashioned”, and I think thats the intention from the photographer. Other times it points out light or shadows in a different way than if you use colours. Street photography is gaining popularity all over the world it seems, and this is a sjangre which uses b/w a bit too often, at least that’s what I think.

I love to take photos of people when they are not aware of me doing so. But (despite being a ex-journalist and used to expose situations and people) I very often think I am getting too close.

Does any of you have thoughts on this? 

Last weekend was spent in Oslo. So now it is good bye to nature for a while, and a bit of the city. I start with the b/w shots 🙂 Most done with my eos 6D, and the iconic 88/1,2, or my Sigma 35/1,4.


One thought on “Some things in black and white #1

  1. That is a very difficult question to answer! I love looking at street photography – looking at people going about their every-day business. There is a very fine line between ordinary observation and intrusion and it is very difficult to say where that line is. It really depends on the situation. I would feel very uncomfortable photographing someone who was distressed or hurt and often find those photos difficult to look at. I understand that journalists have to record these things and have to sell their newspapers too!

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