For Vincent

We are in Arles, Provence for vacation. This means probably quite busy days, and a couple of thousand photos… 😉

We came yesterday, and as usual, KLM managed to lose our luggage. There is always something with flying with KLM, the luggage, (for which you havbe to pay, a lot), the seats for Bjørn’s very long legs are always not available, (and we usually pay a lot for that too). You never get a refund, and you never get to complain. I try to avoid KLM, but for us Norwegians, the SAS doesn’t cover all of Europe… 

Well, anyhow, luggage is supposed to come before 11, so I sit here and wait. 

Last night, was a long one. When you are a bit too tired, after a (very) long day, after a magnificent dinner, and the weather is so good you can sit outside and talk when you get home. That is what we did. And this morning, I woke up to this picture. 

Arles is where the world famous painter Vincent van Gogh moved to in 1888, and it is considered to be his most productive period. 

So here is the first tribute to Vincent, from Arles 🙂  


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