Peace to all

Right now, I am sitting on the terrace in Rosendal (meaning valley of roses), looking out on the fjord. The sun is about to set, just another hour to go. It is quite cold, but nice, no rain. We have been driving four hours maybe, from home, visiting relatives in Odda, and decided to not drive all the way home again on the same day, as we usually do. Tomorrow is the start of Easter in Norway, so we have the day off. 

Yesterday was terrible. I have friends in Brussels. I could hardly concentrate at work. I tweeted, shared, felt empty, checked the news again. And again. Europe is bleeding and crying. I am happy that all my friends are ok. But I still cry a bit. I live in the most peaceful country you can think of, in the countryside, next to farms with sheep and cows and no worries in the world. 

But as my heart somehow always seem to be in France, I consider myself to be EUROPEAN. I wish it could stop. Wishing probably won’t help. 

Love to all out there affected by terror, Bruxelles, Paris, Istanbul… As humans, we will find a way. 

So this is what I share today. My view from the terrace, not a perfect photo, just an attempt to show you peace.


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