All about the fish!

We went all the way from Svolvær to Å today, about 120 km each way. Lots of stops of course, and lots of weather. We had sun, then heavy wind and hail, than rain pouring down, and sun again. Still quite cold.

Tourism and fish are the sources of income here. Stock fish are hanging everywhere, and the boats bringing it in looks something like this. The mountains are magnificent, and the light has so many surprises all the time! 

You may wonder why I am so amazed of something in my own home country. I have never been to Lofoten, (at least not stopped), because it is very far to go. We travel every year in France, driving, because it is not that difficult or far to go. To get to Lofoten, I had to use three flights, first Stavanger to Oslo, Oslo to Bodø, and the last one from Bodø to Svolvær. If I measure distance with my fingers no the map, and turn south instead of north from home, the same distance takes me to Milan in Italy. Only Milan is easier to get to… So this is exotic, the only thing we have in common, it seems, are the Norwegian currency and the language, written… We speak a bit different too… 

More to come, I leave you with these today. 

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