Not just moules frites

Enough with the eagles, the nature and the light. (Visit Norway) 😉

Just a few weeks ago, we want to Brussels. Some work, but definitely quite a lot of time for photo walks. I was in Brussels many years ago, and admit I must have forgotten about it. It was back in the days when I had a Canon eos 50 with film!

I set my 7d on black and white, just to get some training in having another perspective. It is useful to practice from time to time, the view is definitely different. And it doesn’t take long before the eyes search for motives that is suitable for monochrome.

I do everything in raw. So when I get home, and open in lightroom, the colours are back.

Brussels turned out to be a lovely city! We will return! It rained all the time!

20160530-_MG_6403Ingeborg Dirdal




5 thoughts on “Not just moules frites

    • C’est tres belle, votre photos 🙂 Je pense que les touristes vont revenir à Bruxelles. Je suis très heureux pour tous les bonnes gens que nous avons rencontrés, et tous les sourires que nous avons eu quand nous y étions. Seulement l’aéroport a des dommages et des redirections. La vie continue! Comme toujours… Bonne journée a vous:)


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