#BXLove forever

This ends Bruxelles for now. We went for three days in may, it rained almost all the time, and we had quite a lot of challenges, to get the photos we wanted.

Also, I travelled with only my Canon 7D and my Sigma Art 35 mm. With intentions to only go black and white. Learned a lot, and fell in love with a wonderful city, with charming people and places. We will return.

Hope you have liked the photos! 🙂

20160531-_MG_6499Ingeborg Dirdal

4 thoughts on “#BXLove forever

  1. I have loved the photos! We are in the Schwarzwald this week and stopped off in Bruxelles yesterday for only 2 hours inbetween trains. Had a lovely lunch sitting in a square near the station. Sad to see so many army vehicles all over the place though.

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