Don’t steal my photos!

What is mine – is mine!

Some days my blog has a boost in visits. Today is one of them. I made a search on google for some of my most visited photos, and I am not happy.

I share, almost anything, but I would never steal. NEVER! So when others do, I get both sad and angry. This is MY content! I use a lot of time and money, to travel, to photograph, to edit, to share. To make photos others like to see. To please my very good and quite large audience here on this blog.

I sometimes sell photos, and I also take jobs photographing for people or companies. But this is not my first source of income. That does not mean that others can use my photos without asking me.

So here is what I found today

From my Ocean week series I published two photos of one of Norway’s most beautiful sailing vessels, “Christian Radich”, see below.

These photos are used by Juan Pablo Meneses in a book (or publication) called “Cronica Navegando por el cabo de Hornos”. Read more here:
The front page looks like this:


Also using my photos are:

Sail Amsterdam 2015 here: uses it in selling sailing events here:

Ilhavo Sea Festival 2016 in Aveiro Portugal uses it here:

The Italian sailing blog Marianow uses my photo here:

SHAME ON YOU ALL! I would probably have said yes and ok if you had only asked. Now you just make me sad.

Here are my originals, enjoy. Don’t steal.




10 thoughts on “Don’t steal my photos!

  1. Sad to here that and I understand your anger and hope that you have contacted all the persons that have violated your copy-right.. I always sign my photos to make it harder to violate my copy-rights. Your initials are good enough. 🙂

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    • I have tweeted … not in a polite way… I have thought of watermarking my stuff, but don’t like it. And it is one more thing to remember… and it should not be necessary, stealing is illegal!


  2. Nunca me ha gustado marcar mis fotos con mi nombre o con algún distintivo de copyright, no me gusta porque creo que distraen la atención del que contempla la imagen, también porque al no dedicarme a la fotografía de manera profesional no creo quesera necesario proteger la foto de un posible mal uso, nunca he puesto impedimento a la utilización de cualquiera de mis fotos, para mi es un orgullo saber que una fotografía mía luce en otro sitio fuera de mi blog.
    Lo que no entiendo es porque la utilizan sin decir nada, porque no la piden.

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    • Paco; buenas tardes!
      Para mí, también es importante que la fotografía se ve y se entiende y que evoca la emoción en los que la ven. Probablemente no vuelva a poner en una “watermark” a mis fotos. Existe el riesgo de que algunos robos, alguien sabe que es ilegal, pero no todos.
      Es lo mismo si usted es un profesional o un aficionado, no importa. Ya se trate de compartir fotos o texto como lo hacemos, por lo que poseer sus creaciones. No importa lo que pase.
      Vendo algunas fotos, pero no es mi trabajo de fotografía. Es bueno que los demás puedan utilizar mis fotos, y cuando alguien le pregunta, digo mayormente “sí” que pueden utilizar mis fotos.
      Creo que esto es tan importante, que voy a enviar un factura a los que han robado mis fotos. Así que ya veremos …;)
      Gracias por todos los “likes”, aprecio sus buenas fotos también!
      With the help from google translate, 😉


  3. I can understand your anger, there is absolutely no excuse to do such a thing. This happened to us a couple of times before, but we managed to take the images offline by getting in touch with the website owners (or the website hosting company, for the more stubborn ones). A standardized copyright also seems to help (we use Wiki Commons, as all our images are free to use with attribution). – Verne

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